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Monday, 29 October 2012

Planning my Wedding: It's all Booked!

I can now officially say that I will be married on Friday 14th February 2014 at 11:30am- eek! It is all so exciting!

We met with the vicar last Tuesday and it went really well, I had nothing to be nervous about as the Vicar is so laid back and instantly put pregnant hormonal me at ease. We have booked the wedding itself for the morning and then the evening venue isn't until 7pm so we will have lots of time to relax inbetween and spend some time with our families before the evening celebrations begin.

As well as booking the church, we were able to attend another wedding fayre (I'm sure Tim hates me for dragging him around so many) and from this I have been inundated with emails from potential local wedding photographers.

One caught my eye as her name is what my married name will be, coincidence or what? We have pretty much definitely decided on booking her to take our morning ceremony photos and then will probably hire a photobooth for the evening reception, if the budget will allow it! I am due to meet with her to arrange everything, have a look at the venue and put down a deposit on Friday as long as I haven't gone into labour by then!

After that I can calm down for awhile and focus on having the baby, Christmas etc. I did see a gorgeous dress in a bridal shop window over the weekend, but had to resist going to look at it as I want to be back to my pre baby size 8 before I go dress shopping!

Other little bits keep catching my eye and I will admit that I have already bought the supplies to make my wedding favours for the female evening guests and have seen a beautiful wish tree that I want to buy soon! I think everything will fall into place easily over the next year, I just have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the planning process as all too soon it will be over!


  1. awwww congrats, valentines day too :) you can countdown like me too now hehe!
    you'll make such a gorgeous bride!
    must be fate with the photograpber too,

  2. Awwww how exciting! Sooo romantic it being on valentines day! :)
    I can't wait to see pictures! Your going to look amazing :)

  3. Oh, February 14, 2012 will definitely be the most romantic and remarkable day for the both of you! It must be so exciting and fulfilling to be united with the one you love. :’> We’re all looking forward for your biggest day. Congratulations and best wishes to you, Emma! =)

    - Roslyn Housel


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