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Monday, 1 October 2012

October Plans

I  have missed writing up my plans for the month on the blog but have been distracted with the pregnancy, now it is coming towards an end, I thought I would let you all know my plans for October (even though some are pregnancy related!)

2nd October: 34 Week Midwife appointment and Cameron's 2 Year Developmental Check

Tomorrow I have my 34 week check up with a new midwife (my original one has apparently now gone on maternity leave herself). I will be making sure I ask about the whooping cough jab that is being offered to women between 28 and 38 weeks of pregnancy). It is also Cameron's 2 year developmental check up where the health visitor will check he is doing what he should be for his age range as well as looking at his weight and height etc.

3rd October: First Christmas shopping trip!

I am very excited about this! I love shopping but can't go as much as I would like as I don't have the money. Having saved up some pennies, I am going on the first of three big shopping trips to try and get the Christmas presents bought before my little girl enters the world!

5th October: Possible Maternity Photoshoot

I say possible as we have had to rearrange so might have to again, but hopefully I will be having some photos taken alongside Tim, Cameron and of course baby girl bump!

12th October: 1 Year Anniversary with Tim

On 12th October it will have been a year since me and Tim first started going out. This year has gone so fast! It is a bit crazy that by our one year anniversary we will be only a month away from meeting our baby girl and will have been engaged for three months!

13th October: Birthday Celebrations

It is my brother's girlfriend's birthday on 15th so there will be celebrations at the weekend, got to love an excuse to celebrate!

14th October: Wedding Show

I haven't been to a wedding show for a few weeks so I thought it was about time I went to another, especially as we have now got our definite date having booked our venue! I shall be on the lookout for a photographer for the big day, as well as possible DJs, although we haven't decided whether to have a DJ at all yet. It is also a chance to get some brilliant ideas and freebies, yay!

17th October: Relaxation Antenatal, 36 Week Growth Scan and Consultant appointment

I have a very busy morning planned as I have my first of two relaxation antenatal classes at 10am before going straight for my 36 week growth scan and then onto the consultant appointment where they will let me know whether my fluid levels have continued to rise or not (fingers crossed they haven't).

22nd October: Full Term!

This is very exciting as it means the baby could be born from any point now on. It is also the time when I allow myself to start trying a few things to help the baby along such as eating spicy curries and fresh pineapple (though I would never try castor oil or anything not classed as safe). Although it will feel good to be able to do some things that might help baby along, I know deep down that baby only comes when ready!

23rd October: Vicar visit to book Church for our Wedding

We are booking the church where Cameron was Christened for our wedding and I can't wait! The church is beautiful!

24th October: 2nd Relaxation Antenatal

I don't really know what to expect with these classes but hopefully they will help me relax during labour! If nothing else I hope to meet some fellow pregnant women.

29th October: Cousin's 21st Birthday

I'm not sure whether my cousin will be doing anything to celebrate which I would be able to join in with but either way it is an exciting time for him. I was 5 months pregnant with Cameron when I turned 21 so didn't get up to much!

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