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Monday, 17 September 2012

Cameron turns 2!

This week has been quite a busy one. On Thursday my not so little man turned two. Makes me feel extremely old! My fiance had booked the day off work so that we could go out as a family together and I decided to take Cameron to Farmer Palmers, a local farm/kids attraction as he loves animals at the moment. It was a pretty hot day for once on Thursday and after a morning of opening lots of presents from myself and his great nan and a brief pit-stop to enrol him in nursery (a story for another post), we drove to the farm with a picnic.

Cameron absolutely loved the farm and said hello to each animal and then bye to them as well. He also loved going on the go-karts, the bouncy castle, the ride-on tractor toys and in the swing park.

I was feeling very heavily pregnant and the heat made me sleepy so I spent most of the time sitting down and taking it easy, luckily Tim was there too and made sure Cameron had a great time.

On Friday Cameron spent the day with his dad which was nice for him and gave me the chance to go food shopping and get all the bits for his party on Saturday, as well as my baby shower on Sunday.

Cameron's party wasn't as big as it was originally going to be as a lot of people let me down at last minute, but it was really lovely and Cameron had a great time playing with his second cousin Spencer and seeing friends and family. The theme was In the Night Garden which is Cameron's latest obsession, and although I didn't put as much effort into the cake as I did last time, I still thought it looked alright....

Cameron got lots of lovely gifts and really seemed to enjoy himself. I still can't believe he is two, or that in 8 weeks I will have two children, how scary! I love my (not so) little man so much!

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