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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Product Review: Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve

As all my money currently goes on bills, food and baby stuff I haven't been able to do any product reviews of late. I have a Glamour subscription I got through trading in Nectar points so I got the latest issue through my front door along with the free gift of a lip salve. I am not one for wearing lip salves or balms often, although lately my lips have been feeling very chapped and dry so this came at a good time!

What they Say:


Discover our new, petroleum-free, 100% natural ultra-moisturising intensive lip salve. A daily beauty-must for salve addicts to plump, protect and smooth away dry patches on lips and leave them kiss-ably soft.
We’ve blended super hydrating 100% natural hyaluronic acid and highly emollient and protective pharma grade lanolin to plump and smooth; our trio of organic shea, mango and cocoa butters to soften and protect against the elements; vitamin and essential fatty acid-laden rosehip, jojoba and virgin coconut oils to soothe and hydrate with rose otto, rose geranium and palma rosa to calm and balance.
Apply daily as often as your lips demand. Our handy slanted applicator is ‘no mess’ and functional. For extra sensational lips, mix with your favourite lip colour on your finger tip, and apply to give lips a colourful, silky satin finish.
Balance Me uses the latest hi-tech natural ingredients and exquisite active aromas to create super natural anti-ageing skincare that delivers amazing results and brings your skin back into balance.

What I Say:

The scent of this lip salve was really overpowering, especially when on my lips, which really put me off to be honest. This might have affected me more than others as I am pregnant, I'm not sure. I can't fault the salve on its consistency as it came out the perfect amount which also meant less waste. It wasn't sticky or gloopy once on and I would have forgotten I was wearing it had it not been for the scent.


3.5/5 stars: If it hadn't of been for the overpowering smell of this lip salve it would have gotten a 5/5. Give it a try, especially if you get it free with Glamour as I did.


  1. I'd forgotten it's time for the new Glamour magazine to be out! I'm hoping to get this freebie with it too :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. I actually loved the scent. It's very much like turkish delight and not so much 'tastes' like it your lips but the flavour does linger around with the scent and it's yummy!


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