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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Our Summer Holiday

Last weekend my mum, Cameron and I travelled to Paris for a little holiday. Originally I was planning on going to Spain, but in the end I decided to spend the same amount of money and go to Disneyland!

It was an early start as the eurostar left at 7am and we had to get into London, but it was worth the effort, and the totally sore feet and bump I got from a day of sightseeing on the Friday.

Cameron arriving in Paris

We walked to see the Sacre Coeur, the Louvre, caught sight of the Eiffel Tour and Notre Dame, and we walked along the Seine where there was a fake 'beach' event.

Outside the Sacre Couer

....and outside the Louvre

The River Seine

Getting back to our hotel that night we were exhausted, but up early again to get our coach transfer to Disney. Some people had said to me that I was silly taking Cameron to Disney when he is so young still as he wouldn't appreciate it, but I don't think this was the case. Sure, older children might be able to understand the characters and rides more, but Cameron could still get excited by the atmosphere.

My happy place!

As I am pregnant, we already knew there would be some rides I wouldn't be allowed on, and most of them I wasn't even bothered about as I don't like big rollercoaster rides usually. The only ride I was a bit upset about was Pirates of the Caribbean as it's my favourite one. I would never risk the health of me or my baby for a ride however, but my mum took Cameron on it.

Favourite Ride, not allowed to go on :(

Big mistake! He got a bit scared of the dark bits and ended up being sick on my mum!

After doing so many miles of walking the day before, I was in agony walking around so ended up hiring a wheelchair. I was given a disability pass which allowed me to skip some of the queues, it turned out that I wasn't allowed on more rides than originally thought however, so we didn't go on that many things.

On the boat ride around Frontierland :)

Having a ride on my hired wheelchair

Opening Boo's door

It was a great day though and I loved shopping for gifts for family in the many pretty shops around the park and in Disney Village.

Cameron wearing his brand new t-shirt with his cars toy

Cameron had a good time and we got lots of pictures taken around the parks.

Our train back to London wasn't until the afternoon so on the Sunday we ended up having lunch in the sunshine before going home again.

Going home, Gare du Nord

Cameron with his massive green balloon that popped on its way through customs!

We managed to pack quite a lot into such a short time away but it was definitely worth it.

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