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Monday, 11 June 2012

To Update or Not Update, that is the Question...

There seems to be two types of people when it comes to pregnancy and social media. Those who won't mention a word about their pregnancy (or indeed their baby once it is born) and those who wish to shout the news from their timeline the minute they've had that all important twelve week scan.

I am not ashamed to say that I fall into the latter category. If any of my readers follow me on Twitter or are my friend on Facebook you will already know that I am somewhat of a social media addict (more so on Facebook, I still sometimes find Twitter hard to get my head around).

Being a full time mum to a toddler who likes to play independently from time to time and has a long nap once a day, I often find myself at a loss and reaching for my iPhone or laptop during the day. I am a frequent status updater. I understand this might annoy some people but that is why Facebook created the 'hide posts from this person' feature. I won't write something for the sake of writing it, but as someone with a strong opinion on a lot of topics, I do often have something to say. It will probably not surprise you, therefore, that I could not wait to announce to my Facebook and Twitter world my huge news when I found out I was pregnant. I found it extremely hard to keep it quiet for the eight weeks I knew before the twelve week mark and some people did guess from my cryptic updates during that time (I mean come on, how many times can you type the word craving before someone susses you out?).

When we came out of the scan room with our little grainy photos I knew I couldn't hold it in any longer and since then I have been keeping Facebook updated every step of the way. I have weekly updates of which week of pregnancy I am now in, an album filled with scan photos and photos of my bump as it grows in size, and regular status updates of my current cravings and pregnancy milestones.

As always, I don't have anything against those who have a different opinion to me on the matter and I totally understand that some women wish to keep their baby updates between themselves and only close family and friends. What I do have a problem with is when people try and say that what I am doing is wrong or, apparently, even bad for my unborn baby?! As far as I'm concerned, all I am doing is sharing with the people I socialise with (whether in real life or only online) one of the most important times in my life. I have mentioned above that those people who are on my Facebook but don't wish to hear about every kick are able to hide my updates whilst still being my friend so what's the problem?

Whilst even I would say this is taking it a bit too far, I will admit that I wrote a status telling people when my waters had broken....

Linking in with this is what happens after the baby is born? Some people are wary of posting up photos of their baby online in fear that someone might use them in a negative way. This is true and, as a blogger, I am aware of the risks of having my personal life out there for people to read about and comment upon. However, I would rather have this record that I have been creating of my journey into motherhood for years to come than wrapping my little family in cotton wool and never having any online memories to look back on. Yes, photos are stolen with ease online. No, it won't stop me from posting photos of my newborn for friends, family and followers alike to coo over when the time comes.

First ever photo taken of me with Cameron

And yes, as you may have already guessed by now, I am one of those 'annoying' people who started up a seperate Facebook account for Cameron. I did this as it allows myself and my family and friends to tag photos of him and store them all in one place for me to look back on. It is also a bit of fun so that I can tell people where we have been from day to day. Again, I know a lot of mums won't do this themselves and that's fine. Just don't judge me for doing it!

Writing this blog has been an amazing release for me over the last year or so. I would never have been able to write so openly and freely about so many things if I had not have allowed you into my personal life as much as I have done. That is just the way I am.

Anyway, must dash, I have an 18 week bump photo to upload....

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  1. My cousin is pregnant but her husband is a lawyer and really careful about what she posts online due to identity fraud etc and as such there's nothing about the pregnancy on her Facebook and I imagine there will be nothing about their daughter when she arrives! I understand her husband's concerns, but as she lives abroad and I hardly get to see her I'd love to see updates about my new cousin when she arrives. Sadly I guess I'll have to rely on news from my dad when he speaks to my aunt occasionally.


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