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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

This Week I'm Addicted to....

..... Pregnancy magazines!

Before I found out I was pregnant with Cameron I was addicted to glossy magazines. I would read Glamour, Cosmo, Company and More! without fail as soon as they came out. During my pregnany this didn't change that much although I did get frustrated that none of the fashion in these magazines would cater for the pregnant woman and that some of the articles no longer applied to my changing lifestyle.

However, once having Cameron I religiously continued my More! magazine purchasing right up until they featured a story on how I became pregnant with Cameron (from a rebound fling after splitting with my long distance ex). The way they portrayed the story made me angry as they twisted words and the headline made the whole thing sound sordid and dirty (for a start, they labelled it a one night stand which it was not). I stopped buying the magazine and instead turned back to my monthly mags which had been left by the wayside.

When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby a few months ago, I suddenly found myself drawn to the pretty pastels of the baby and pregnancy magazines. These magazines are actually much better suited to my lifestyle now that I am a mother and pregnant. Although I still don't like the fashion in them (mostly frumpy or totally out of my price range), I find loads of useful articles that actually help me with my day to day problems. The magazines contain great content and interesting articles as well as a mix of fashion, beauty and freebies that I can make use of.

Of course I still require some girly escapism with the glossy mags. I have a six month subscription with Glamour which I purchased with Nectar points and I have just started reading More! magazine again since they had a revamp. I would definitely suggest purchasing a pregnancy/motherhood magazine to any mum or mum to be if you haven't given them a go yet. They are my not so guilty pleasure at the end of the day when Cameron is asleep and the bump and me are snuggled up in bed.

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