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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Book Review: Jo Frost's Confident Toddler Care

Cameron is by no means a naughty child, but since about sixteen months old he has had a rebellious streak to his nature and it reached the point where I had the health visitor over to check there was nothing up with his behaviour. She told me that he was likely just reaching the 'terrible twos' early and not to worry.

Since I have been pregnant and my bump has gotten bigger I do worry sometimes when he has a tantrum that he might hurt the baby so I decided to look for a book on how to care for toddlers. I had a look in Waterstones and came across Jo Frost aka Supernanny's book on Confident Toddler Care. Flicking through it I knew it was the perfect book for me and Cameron and ordered it off of Amazon for £5 cheaper on my phone (cheeky I know).

When the book came a couple of days later I couldn't wait to start reading it and it is fast becoming my bible. I love Jo's straight talking manner and the way she covers somewhat sensitive issues in a lighthearted but still serious manner is amazing. The book has really put my fears to rest as it shows how normal Cameron's behaviour is for his age whilst also giving me suggestions as to how to act when he shows this behaviour. I particuarly loved the section on introducing a new baby to your toddler and will be coming back to that in November when the baby comes.

I was pretty sure that Cameron was ready to potty train as he has started noticing when he needs the toilet and leaving the room to go etc as well as taking his pull up nappy off when he is wet. However, the book is so thorough with reading the signs and I have noticed he isn't quite ready yet but soon he will be. When he is I will be following the steps in the book as they make total sense and promise results in just a week!

The main issue I still have with Cameron is his sleeping patterns as he often still won't sleep through the night at almost 21 months (not ideal with another baby on the way!). I am in the process of reading Jo's section on bedtimes and getting toddlers to sleep and will definitely be making some changes to try and get him sleeping through once and for all!

I cannot fault this book. It has everything I need for Cameron and is set out in such easy to read and follow sections with handy tips and tricks along the way. I would recommend this book to anyone I know with a toddler. Amazing! Jo also has a book on Confident Baby Care which I will be getting for when the baby comes.


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  2. This is erika rather than Ady replying. I'm really pleased you have found support in this book, but I would still urge you to listen to your instincts first. You thought he was ready to potty train but may wait now according to Jo. I'd be.bold enough to say you know your son well enough to know yourself when he is ready. Can I also reassure you that waking in the night is usual at 21 months plus. Often just after 2 they will wake even more frequently due to physical and emotional changes. This is known and also supported by psychological and scientific evidence. I have not seen any evidence to support Jo's claims all toddlers should be sleeping through. Psycholical evidence suggests if you try and force babies and toddlers to be silent through the night before they are ready you could make life harder for you both in the long run. When it comes to independance around pre school age those who have had controlled sleep training find the seperation harder than those who don't. Have you seen toddlercalm? You can find them on facebook and the internet and they may have some help for you too. Sarah ockwell smith is the author/blogger. I don't mean to put a spanner in the works if you have found the perfect book for you, but felt I should let you know there are other evidence based information out there. Good luck with it all!

  3. After I sent this wondered if it sounded like a criticism of your choices. I want to reiterate my comments are ment exactly the opposite. I feel you are a fab mother doing what you feel best for your child. I feel that because if your comment that you felt he was ready because of....... It felt like you have a strong connection with your child and I just feel it a shame that Jo, who has no children herself can undermine that instinctive parenting you have. You sound like a wonderful mother and your toddler and future babe are very lucky. X Erika


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