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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Active Antenatal

As you may remember, prior to finding out I was pregnant for the second time, I had been reguarly attending an exercise class for mums which I absolutely loved. My early pregnancy was pretty stressful as I had bad cramps and even went to A&E because they got so painful. After the cramps came extreme exhaustion and nausea which only left recently. I do feel like I could exercise again now but sadly don't feel I would keep up with the intense workout I was used to with the class anymore so am now having to find other ways to keep fit before the birth.


Getting some practise in for when this will be me!

I am planning on doing a lot of this, especially now the weather has improved. During the day I often get extremely bored so me and Cameron will be doing lots of walks by the seaside and around our local parks.

Prenatal Pilates DVD

As soon as I reached my second trimester I ordered this DVD off of Amazon. It does say you can use it throughout all three trimesters but I was a bit wary of exercising at all before twelve weeks due to my symptoms so waited. I have since used this DVD a couple of times and will definitely be using it more often as my pregnancy progresses. I have always loved the Ten Minute solution range and have about six of them from pre pregnancy. This DVD is great as it is targeted specifically to pregnant women so you know that the exercises are completely safe for you (although of course as with all exercise DVDs you should still consult with your doctor prior to using to ensure it is safe for you personally).

Antenatal Exercise Classes

I actually haven't started these yet but I have been looking in to them and told myself that 16 weeks was the perfect time to start getting back out there at a class tailored for pregnant women. I have found a few in my area and think I will be trying out the aerobics class first as it is the most similar to the class I was going to before.

Are you pregnant? Do you have any other exercise you find good for pregnancy?

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  1. Good luck Emma-Louise. You sound like you've got a really nice balanced approach to looking after your pregnant body and growing baby! Very inspiring.

    I was on the radio talking about exercise in pregnancy and beyond last Sunday - you might enjoy the show

    Item starts at 00:16:30 at this link

    Look forward to following your progress!
    Katy Tuncer x

    PS my own pregnancy exercise DVD is at this link


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