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Friday, 20 April 2012

Finding a Way Back into Blogging....

For someone who has been blogging for over a year and finds it a huge escape, I have actually found it really upsetting that I have gotten out of it. I really miss blogging, updating you all on what is going on in my life, venting about things that make me angry, and generally having somewhere where I am able to pour my real emotions out. The thing is, I don't think I have really been doing that for a long time on the blog.

I started reading a new blog a couple of months ago and I couldn't believe this person found the time to write such throught provoking and insightful posts daily when they too had a child around the same age as Cameron. I will admit that it made me pretty jealous that she was able to write things I hadn't thought of covering but felt strongly about as well. It did play somewhat a part I think in my slow decline of posting. I looked at my blog in a new light and realised that actually, I haven't written something I have actually been proud of in months.

I looked back at some of my first posts and saw what I was seeing in this other mum's blog. I saw passion. I lost passion for blogging, for writing in general and this really showed in my posts. I started using things such as Project 365 and 30 day challenges to hide the fact that actually, I had not much of interest to say anymore.

I want that to change, but I am still not sure whether it will be that easy. I am going through some pretty big changes in my life at the moment, but these things are not something I am willing to open up about at present which makes blogging as honestly as I have in the past somewhat impossible. I think one of my problems was that I was trying to force myself to blog daily, something I used to find a lot easier when Cameron was much easier to entertain, napped more in the day and I didn't have a boyfriend.

In the last few months I found myself constantly apologising for not blogging as often and at the end of the day, although I am hugely grateful for all my followers and readers, I started this blog for myself and I think I lost sight of this when so many people I know started blogging and it became harder to not view it all as a competition. I know everyone says that they write for themselves and don't mind how many followers and comments they receive, but being a competitive person by nature, this became harder the less I blogged and the less interest I received in what I was writing about. I guess you could say I had become jaded as a blogger.

I want to get back into blogging but I am going to do it gradually. I will be writing posts when inspiration comes to me and I actually have something interesting to say and update you all on rather than forcing myself to blog for the sake of blogging. I hope those of you who do follow me and read what I have to say will continue to do so. I do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my rambles, however random they may be. I hope that I will regain my blogging mojo and begin to write posts I am truly proud of again.

Thank you once again, as always, for reading,

Emma-Louise aka Yummy Mummy



  1. I am the exact same! I used to always want to blog and blog about really in depth things and recently, have been just putting quote of the weeks and that's about it, so am taking a little time out to then make sure each post is a good read and not just something to fill in the space! xxx

  2. Blogging is such a personal thing and the HUGE competition out there is always looming, always present. It's hard to avoid and even those of us with the most pure or intentions about blogging find that we get sucked in to the success of our blogs-not the self preservation that it was launched to encourage. I think that your blog seems to have served a great purpose in your life when you were younger, single etc and their is no shame in being in a different chapter of your life now that restricts blogging-think of it like an old friend who is your rock-always there as your foundation, but never possessive of your time. Enjoy your life, however much blogging it contains. I for one will continue to read your very lovely blog xx


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