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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Book Review: The Truth About Melody Browne

Ever since I finished the I Heart and Shopoholic series I have been on the lookout for books I can't put down. I didn't hold out much hope for this simply because I hadn't heard of the author before, and because it was on offer in Sainsbury's- two for £3. However, I found this book absolutely amazing and finished it in a day because it was literally impossible to put down. The story centres around its main character Melody Browne, a single mum living in Covent Garden in a council flat with her teenage son. She was in a house fire when she was just nine years old and lost all of her childhood memories from before that night meaning she has always felt like she was missing something. A chance meeting with a hypnotist leads to her starting to regain her memory piece by piece and she begins to uncover some disturbing truths about her life before the fire that slowly makes her life make sense. You totally feel for Melody throughout the story and the author writes the book from the childhood Melody's perspective which is really interesting. I was almost in tears throughout parts of the book but it definitely has a happy ending. I would recommend to anyone!

5/5 Amazing, very well written and captivating storyline, will be looking out for other titles by this author!

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