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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Project 365 #69, #70 and #71 Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Ok, this time I am totally blaming the amazing weather we have been having for my lack of blogging! I have been outside most of the time and when I have come back in I have been knackered from the heat etc and have just wanted to lie down and chill out! This is what I have been getting up to in the sun in the last few days:


I bought myself a new book. Having read a lot of Sophie Kinsella lately, I was looking for another book by her but ended up stumbling across this one by Paige Toon. I have heard some good things about this author so will see how it goes.


I met up with my best friend whose baby was due (but she doesn't want the baby to come for a week as her boyfriend is out of the country!). She is looking gorgeous for someone so heavily pregnant, I am very jealous! We had ice creams and chilled out on the beach along with her mum, Cameron and her sausage dog Winnie. In the afternoon I took Cameron into town and we had a nice long walk around the shops. I got him lots of new clothes for our holiday next week as he is severely lacking shorts and t-shirts (I will do another post on what I bought later on).


Today Cameron is with his dad so I am having some chilling out time, getting some errands done and catching up on a bit of blogging before either meeting up with my friend again or returning some things to the shops. It is so hot and sunny, I don't like being cooped up inside.... So far I have managed to eat a tower of nachos out of boredom.... not good!


  1. Sounds like you've had a great week so far! I love Sophie Kinsella too! That book looks great, let us know how you get on with it. Aww Cameron looks absolutely adorable and sounds like he had a lovely day! XxxX

  2. You will love paige toon :) she's my favourite author of the minute, but be careful with the books, all the characters are related, so if you've not read johnny be good before this book, it will be confusing if you read this first, as this is a follow up!lol!
    you can read them this way but i learnt this :)
    you'll love this book though, i shed a tear at the end.
    sooo jealous you live near a beach, the weather looks like its been amazing near you.

    lots of love x x x


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