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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Plans for March!

I haven't done one of these posts in a few months, but I thought I would this month as I actually have the next few weekends booked up.

9th March

Next weekend I am going to Essex to visit my dad and sister. It will be the first time my dad meets my boyfriend so I am a bit nervous about it but also excited as I haven't seen my sister in ages! We are staying a couple of nights and going back home on Sunday.

17th March

The weekend after we are going visiting again, this time to my boyfriend's parent's new house.

18th March

We will be coming back on the Sunday in time to celebrate Mother's Day with my mum and nan. It is my third Mother's Day as a mummy if you count the year I was pregnant (my second if you don't). I love being a mum so this is a special day for me. I also want to show how much I appreciate my own mum and everything she does for me.

23rd March

Me and Katie just after I had Cameron

My friend Katie was due to come and visit the first weekend of March but wasn't able to because of work so we are hoping she will be able to come this weekend instead. I don't see her often, but when I do we always have a great catch up and eat lots of yummy food.

27th March

My best friend's due date is today, but we think she will have the baby early. I am so excited for her and even more excited to find out the sex of the baby as she didn't find out (my guess is a girl).

31st March

I am going to Cornwall for a week with my family which will be nice. I am hoping to just be able to relax and have a nice time. I have been on holiday to Cornwall a lot in the past and it is a lovely place to stay.

Do you have exciting plans for March?

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