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Friday, 2 March 2012

Growing Up AKA Becoming a Mummy

When I started this Blog I decided on its name because I wanted to write about the huge change in my life I had gone through becoming a mum. Motherhood is something that you cannot prepare for. No amount of baby books and antenatal classes can get you ready for the change you will experience when you hold that baby in your arms for the first time and they look into your eyes.

The moment I met my little man and my life changed forever

For some, admittedly, the transition is bigger. If, like myself, your pregnancy was unplanned and you had been used to a totally different lifestyle, it might seem like your whole world has been tipped on its axis. For me, I had got my crazy partying days out of the way back when I was eighteen, but I was on my placement year at University. I was working part time and had just come out of a six month relationship which had gotten serious very fast, with a whole lot of drama due to a big age difference and him living in London. I was in a weird place and drinking and eating too much, not getting enough sleep and not really knowing who my real friends were.

A few months before I fell pregnant

Falling pregnant was probably the best thing that could ever have happened to me. If I had not have found out I was pregnant and been forced to start taking care of myself and making sensible plans for the future, then I would have probably ended up back with my toxic ex boyfriend and wasting my time away. Instead, I was eating properly for the first time in years, spending quality time with my best friend and my mum, and preparing for my final year of University, more determined than ever to graduate and make something of myself.

With my mum at her graduation when I was 7 months pregnant

When I had Cameron in September 2010, I was a much stronger person and, although as I say motherhood is not easy to get used to, I have really enjoyed learning how to be the best mum I can be to Cameron. Every day I learn something new from him. He is amazing and makes me re-evaluate my way of thinking. Before he was born I would think nothing of going out and drinking or walking alone to my car, but these days I am much more streetwise because I know that there is someone depending on me. He makes my world complete.

My gorgeous little boy

I have also managed to lose weight since having Cameron, I am a stone and a half lighter than before I was pregnant and so much healthier. I eat more sensibly and recently stopped drinking totally. I still like to take care of myself but have to be more creative with my time. I can put on makeup in record time, and can make my hair last four days without washing it if necessary (dry shampoo and curling my hair really help)! I don't spend much money on myself anymore so make sure when I do treat myself I get something I really want and will use again and again.

I like to take care of my appearance still, it's part of who I am

I like being a 'yummy mummy', but being Cameron's mummy is the most important thing to me and the most important job I will ever have. My aim is to make him proud of his mummy and I work at it everyday.


  1. Lovely post, I have just become a mummy to a gorgeous little boy and even though he was totally planned you really don't know what to expect and now 6 weeks in I'm exhausted but wouldn't change him for the world. Cameron will be so proud of you when he is old enough to understand what you have done for him!

  2. Lovely inspirational post, cameron has the best mummy he could ever ask for and i'm glad it helped you to find your true self, you read so many negative stories sometimes about peoples lives being ruined once they've had a baby earlier than planned, but you've showed you can still do what you want and be a good mummy at the same time, getting the balance right :)

    and you still look as beautiful as ever :)

    x x x

  3. Thank you so much girls! I haven't written such a personal post in a long time but it was nice to write. I love being a mummy :) xx

  4. What a lovely post hun, really touching xx


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