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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My New Room!

So, as promised, here is a guided tour of my bedroom in the new house! I love it!

At the moment I am borrowing my boyfriend's very big TV, it looks ridiculous next to my teeny tiny one!

My favourite part of the room has to be my girly window area with all my jewellery, perfumes and my candles. I have my mirror there as well and use that area of the room to straighten/curl my hair and do my makeup.

I love my bed as it is nice and big. The metal headboard does get a bit uncomfortable though so I make sure I have lots of pillows and cushions!

I hated having my clothes in a wardrobe in the past and love these really simple girly rails from Argos. It makes things so much easier in the morning being able to see all of my clothes (I am aware they are half empty at present, most of my clothes are in the wash!).

Finally, my DVD and book collections are super organised as I have mild OCD (the DVDs are arranged by rating and colour!).

So that's my room! I will be posting photos of the rest of the house once things are a little less cluttered!


  1. Love this post hun :) your room is gorgeous and girly!! xx

  2. Lovely room! I have clothes rails instead of a wardrobe too, as I love seeing all my lovely things displayed rather than hidden away! x


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