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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Like, Love, Loathe #3


I am liking having flowers around the house at the moment. When we moved in, I bought myself a bunch of pink tulips and then my mum bought me some for Valentine's Day and last night my boyfriend bought me round a lovely bunch as well. They make such pretty decorations!


Ironically my love for this week is Love Film! I have written a post previously about how much I am enjoying my two month free trial with them and I continue to be hugely impressed by them! So far I have seen four DVDs and am eagerly awaiting my next two. As someone with very little money I have not been able to see as many films as I would like recently so my Love Film list is huge!


Every time I have gone food shopping lately I have wanted to buy a magazine, only to have a quick look through my usual ones to find they have barely anything worth reading in them. Instead, I have taken to buying Mum and Baby magazines when I want a magazine fix as they actually have so much more I can relate to in them and useful information that is actually worth spending my money on. Maybe I really have started to grow up...


  1. I too don't buy magazines anymore, I just get my gossip/celeb news through the daily mail website-it's much better than a magazine! x

  2. I can't believe I just admitted I read the daily mail. Oh good lord, I'm getting old! I meant the daily mail online so only the gossip section by the way! Just to clear that up!x


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