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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It's a Leap Year!

I find leap years pretty interesting. It isn't just the whole 'girls can propose' thing, although I must admit, I have found this tradition quite intriguing. I find it weird to think that those people born on 29th February don't actually have a birthday three years out of four meaning that in theory they are younger than they actually are! I would find it so strange to have to change the date I celebrated my birthday most years.

Leap year also means that we technically gain a day which is a nice way to look at it, although I can't say I have made the most of my 'extra' day. My boyfriend had a day off work so he came round and we just had a lovely chilled out time watching TV and having lunch together whilst Cameron was at his dad's house. I probably should have caught up with some sleep whilst I was child-free, but instead I caught up with some blogging, which I have really enjoyed.

I hope everyone has had a good 'extra' day. How did you spend yours?

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