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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Project 365 #9 Packing Continues...

Today we got confirmation finally that we will be moving into the new house on Monday! Exciting! However, it also means that I now have to get a move on and finish packing which I spent the whole afternoon doing... This is Cameron, helping... haha...


  1. Aww bless him! My son too loves to 'help' me out, he likes to 'sweep the floor' which translates as making it need a sweep all over again! Congratulations on the new house, how exciting! I hope it goes well! Hopefully you will put some new piccies on for us to see!
    By the way what is it with toddlers and shoes?! My son is obsessed with my shoes! I see Cameron has yours here! xx

  2. Yep, very excited but stressed about the move! Will be doing a 'guided tour' post once moved for you all to take a look! Yeah, he is obsessed with shoes but even more obsessed with people's feet! He loves them, weirdo! xx


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