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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Like, Love, Loathe #2


This week I am liking YouTube! After finally making my own channel on the site and posting up my first two vlogs, I have also been enjoying watching my cousin and his work friends in their parody of LMFAO'S Sexy and I Know It as well as my exercise class's promo video which I feature in.


I am loving TV at the moment, which is a bit awkward when the things I want to watch are the kind of things my boyfriend hates meaning I am doing a lot of catch up tv.... Desperate Housewives is back in its last season, One Born Every Minute is constantly making me broody and Don't Tell the Bride is bringing out the wedding planner in me. This Sunday also sees the return of TOWIE. There has been a lot of bitching about this series as many of the familiar faces have been sensatitionally axed or left to pursue other projects (ie reality TV shows such as I'm a Celebrity, Celeb BB). I am giving it the benefit of the doubt as a loyal fan. Besides, I always hated Mark Wright anyway.


I absolutely hate people who think they are better than you. I am not mentioning any names as you never know who reads these posts, but basically somebody linked to my moving situation has been really annoying me. I also hate estate agents generally. Sorry if you are one, but seriously, the ones I have come across have all just been about the money, up themselves and rude.


  1. great Youtubes Vids. ive made 20 now I think, it becomes alot easier and more fun after the initial nerves x

  2. I love the fact that you are on Youtube! Can't wait to see more of your videos! xXx

  3. I am quite shy when I meet new people, but I like vlogging as I am a natural exhibitionist, used to want to be an actress etc so get me behind the camera with something good to talk about and I will go on and on. Thanks girls! xx


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