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Saturday, 21 January 2012

In Love with Pinterest

I joined Pinterest ages ago when I was still thinking of doing wedding planning as a career. I loved how simple it was to find inspirational images and ideas and upload them to a 'virtual pinboard'. I forgot about the site until today when I saw someone mention it and I decided to go back onto it.

Wanting to get more into the beauty side of things I started with a hair and beauty pin board. This is some of what I have on it so far.....

I also started adding to a board I have called Everything Emma which I am going to use for ideas for modelling shoots and poses.

I have fallen in love with Pinterest! Are you on there? Find me here.


  1. I keep hearing about this pinterest thingy-I'm going to check it out now because your pics look so intriguing! x

  2. I love the ideas that you have got for your modeling pictures hun xxx

  3. Thanks girls! And definitely check it out Chloe! xx


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