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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Frontcover Palette

I have fallen in love with Frontcover cosmetics lately and got a nail set in the sale (which I am actually pretty disappointed with). When my mum came back from Newcastle she had bought me the mini palette set in the sales and I love it!

For a start, I love anything in miniature, so I was already sold from the outset, but the colours in the palette are gorgeous and so well pigmented, and it comes with a handy metallic cover for the palette and the amazing shadowline which turns the eyeshadows into eyeliner! One of my favourite presents!

Do you love Frontcover? Did you get any of the sets over Christmas or in the sales?


  1. I love front cover cosmetics,
    what nail set did you get?
    i saw this cute little pallet in boots and was tempted but i already own so many of there sets, be able to create a libary soon!lol!
    i love the colbolt blue colour its gorge,

  2. the front cover eyeshadows are amazing I have one of their big palettes with the magic eyeliner too its amazing!

    shel xx

  3. I didn't get to try any this year, I'm hoping to try them next Christmas, the nail one sold out so fast, was yours the massive one with gems and nail wraps?

  4. The nail one I have is the metallic set, not the nail art one. It's really nice but I just didn't get on with the shades at all when I tried them out. Thinking I should probably try and sell it on rather than waste it entirely xx


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