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Friday, 13 January 2012

Diary Entry- Friday 13th and my New Tattoo...

Sorry I haven't been blogging too much in the last few days, things are still very stressful around here as we try and get all the paperwork sorted for the new house.

This morning I went to have my third tattoo, this time on my left wrist. I have been wanting another tattoo for ages but hadn't decided what I wanted until recently. I was a little worried about having a tattoo done on Friday 13th, but I'm not overly superstitious. I was also worried it would hurt lots, but having had both my feet done already, and having given birth, I didn't have anything to worry about. The tattoo stung more than hurt, especially the shading on the feather. I absolutely love it!

The word believe means several things to me, whilst the feather is a symbol of my grandad who died ten years ago. Every time our family goes through a tough time someone sees a white feather so I wanted to get one to give me strength in tough times and have him there with me every day.

The remainder of Friday 13th didn't go too well... Some of the paperwork for the house is causing issues and I got majorly stressed out again with it all. My boyfriend came over and helped cheer me up and tonight we are just chilling out with a curry and a glass of wine.

I hope everyone else had this supposedly unlucky day pass them by without too much trouble!


  1. I hope you and Mr Boyfriend have had a fabulous evening, you lovely human being! Your new tat is stunning, and the sentiment is beautiful! :)



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