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Monday, 16 January 2012

Beauty Wishlist

Having been on a self imposed spending ban for the last couple of weeks, I am really starting to feel it. Shopping is something I do to pass the time (I have too much of it at the moment), de-stress and exercise (pram pushing around the shops for a couple of hours burns a surprising amount of calories), so I am really missing it! There is no rule against window shopping though so this morning I have been lusting over the beauty products I would be buying right now if I could....

Soap and Glory Love at First Blush Blusher £11

I love Soap and Glory and want to try out more of their cosmetics line. This blusher looks great as it has different shades to blend together.

Soap and Glory It's all about Prime £8

I have yet to use a specific primer for my eyeshadow and this one looks great.

Soap and Glory Lid Stuff £10

I am a sucker for palettes at the moment and these ones look the perfect size and have some amazing shades.

Nails Inc Hyde Park and Albert Bridge Top Coat Duo £12

I am really bad with my nails and never use a top coat so this set would be amazing

Nails Inc Matte Red Nail Polish £11

I absolutely love Nails Inc polishes and this shade looks really nice. I love the idea of a matte nail and the red shade is a classic one.

Soap and Glory Hocus Pocus Highlighting Lotion 30ml £13

I have an ever growing collection of soap and glory products but have yet to try this one. I have a real problem with my skin looking dull so this could be the solution.

17 Photo Flawless Primer £4.99

Ever since my primer ran out a month or so ago I haven't got a new one and this one has some great reviews. At under a fiver I reckon I could be swayed to purchase this soon...

17 Magnetized Nail Polish £5.99

With all the hype around magnetized nail varnishes I am a bit reluctant to get sucked in as when I did cave and buy the raved about nail effects I didn't like it....

GelSPA Luxury Bath Soak Relax with Lavender, Jasmine and Bergamot £10

This is in the hottest products section of the Boots website and I love the idea of a gel bath. I don't go in for baths too often but with all the stress I have been going through lately, a bath that claims to relax you would probably be just what the doctor ordered...

Nanoblur Optical Skin Cream 30ml £19.99

I heard about this a while ago and though it sounded amazing. Yes, I think it is aimed at slightly older women, but as a mum my skin is in need of some help!

Moroccanoil Oil Treatment £30.45

Another product I have heard amazing things about is this hair oil. I had it used on me at the hairdressers a while ago and I loved how soft and supple my hair felt afterwards. I need this in my life!

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 150ml £22.30

After all the things I have put my hair through over the last few years I am surprised it hasn't all fallen out. I think it is definitely in need of something like this to help repair some of the damage from all of that dye and bleach.

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