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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Some Christmas Baking

Yesterday the unthinkable happened... I lost my Christmas spirit! I was (understandably ) devestated and tried to think of things I could do today that would bring it back, without costing much as I have spent way too much lately. I decided to go around my best friend's house and bake christmas goodies. She was intent on baking mince pies despite the fact that neither of us like them, as they look pretty and are probably the most festive things you can bake. I wanted to make my signature brownie, but instead we opted for a cheesecake brownie, and as you can never have too much chocolate, we decided to make some double chocolate chip muffins as well.

Baking all afternoon, we had successes with the mince pies and muffins (and super cute mini muffins we also made) but the chocolate cheesecake brownie did not work at all! We ended up binning it which was a shame, but there was no way I wanted to eat it- it looked uncooked even after an hour in the oven! We made a couple of cookies to decorate as well with leftovers...

Diasterous Cheesecake Brownie.....

Chocolate Muffins
Decorated Muffins

Mince Pies


Cute mini muffins

Have you done any Christmas baking this year?

This evening I carried on the baking over my mum's and made us a chicken pie for dinner which was yummy...

Chicken pie (slightly overflowing!)

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  1. Ooooh you have made me SO hungry now hun!! Those mince pies looks so nice xxx


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