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Thursday, 15 December 2011

App of the Week #1

I thought I would test run a new post I was thinking of doing each week... I have been in love with iPhones ever since I got my first one a couple of years ago, and I usually have it constantly in my handbag or pocket. It is really good for a variety of reasons (of which I will not bore you with now), but one of the best things has to be the huge amount of apps available to download. I only ever really download free apps, I don't usually see the need to spend money on the ones that charge, and there are some amazing free apps out there.

This week I have got a little obsessed with Fashion Story which is a SIM like game where you run your own fashion boutique.

A screen shot from the game... as you can see, not very far into it!
I used to play a couple of bakery and cafe games in the same style and like to play on them when I am bored (not that often these days as Cameron is constantly on the move and I am often out and about). It can get addictive which is why I deleted the other games, but if you are looking for a fun free game to pass the odd few minutes away then I would definitely recommend this.

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