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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My Horror Obsession

Since I was about seventeen I have loved horror films. I like the fact that they scare me and give me an adrenaline rush. Only problem with this is the fact that nobody else I know really likes watching them, and watching them alone scares me a little more than I would like! Saying that, I find it hard to actually find horror films that scare me enough these days (it's all down to our generation being used to violence) and when I do find one that succeeds I fall in love with it.

I came across Orphan when it was on TV a couple of months ago, it was about half way through but I really enjoyed watching it and it actually managed to have me on the edge of my seat and biting my nails right down!

I went to buy it online the other day and ended up cancelling the order as I thought it was not worth it when I only usually watch films once. Ever since then I have been regretting not buying it though and today I finally managed to find a live stream and watch it online (even though it kept buffering every few minutes through half of the film!).

I loved it (even though now I have no nails!) and am now on the lookout for more films that will actually scare me. Any suggestions?

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