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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Christmas! (Photo Heavy)

Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days but I have had some lovely time off catching up with family and doing some visiting over Christmas. I hope you all had an amazing time and are all looking forward to seeing in the New Year this weekend!

My Christmas started Christmas Eve when my family came down from Kent. My aunt came over my mum's and we went for some last minute shopping. In the evening we had a yummy curry and some wine and my boyfriend came over and gave me and Cameron our Christmas presents. I got the perfume I really really wanted J'adore Dior, and Cameron got his two Harrods teddies my boyfriend had bought him when we went to London at the beginning of the month. He loves the white one best and won't go to sleep without it- cute!

My gorgeous Dior Perfume from my boyfriend and one of Cameron's teddies

Cameron (dressed as an elf!) on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning I woke up majorly early but refused to get up until 8. I made bacon sandwiches and bucks fizz and we had a nice chilled out breakfast before turning up the Christmas music and opening the pressies!

Cooking bacon!

Opening the champagne

Me and Cameron both got spoilt. I am so pleased with what I got! Cameron's favourite present was his cleaning up set- a broom and dustpan and brush- strange boy!

Opening pressies

My pressies- spoilt!

After the wrapping paper was all cleared away, I got Cameron dressed and he was picked up by his dad so he could open even more pressies over his house! I used the time he was gone to get all 'faked' up, putting in my hair extensions, doing my makeup and putting my false lashes on. I make a big effort on Christmas day. I wore my favourite leather look leggings, black vest top and new burgundy crop top which I got from my mum which says Love It on it. I do love it!

All dressed up for Christmas!

When Cameron got back from his dad's, we went to pick up my nan and went for a lovely, albeit cold and windy, walk by the sea to visit my grandad's bench and put some artificial flowers on it. I really miss my grandad, especially at this time of year as he loved Christmas and spending it with family, and he passed away ten years ago this December, so the walk was a bit bittersweet.

Grandad's bench

Back over my nan's with all the family we opened some more presents and had some champagne before dinner which was delicious!

Christmas Dinner mmmm

It was nice not having to cook for once and my aunt did amazingly! After dinner we hung out watching TV and playing games for the rest of the day and night, as well as eating even more yummy food. Perfect!

Two of my favourite presents- a ring and bracelet from my nan

with my cousin Aaron (aka Joey Essex)

At half nine we went back over my mum's, Cameron went to bed and I watched Michael McIntyre on TV with a glass of wine and some festive pretzels (star shaped). Great end to a great day!

On Boxing day I had a really nice relaxed day, pampering and watching films with my mum and Cameron. We watched Goodnight Mr Tom, Bugsy Malone and Emma before I could not resist the sales any longer and went off to have a look for some bargains whilst my mum kindly looked after Cameron. I bought a few bits and got a great shopping buzz. In the evening we all went over to my nan's again along with my boyfriend, and had a yummy buffet.

Boxing Day buffet

On the 27th, my mum and nan went off to Newcastle to visit my brother and his girlfriend. I am gutted I couldn't go, but the last couple of days I have spent relaxing, spending time with my boyfriend and Cameron and sales shopping. Today we went to visit my boyfriend's family in Chichester which was lovely and after I had driven back this evening I was knackered so have had a relaxing night in front of a film with all the leftover Christmas chocolates and biscuits, bliss!

Christmas Chocolates and biscuits


  1. Sounds like you have had a wonderful Christmas hun ♥

  2. Looks like you had a lovely christmas! :)


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