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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day 07. (Dec 19th) Plans for the holiday. Just brief.

My plans for Christmas have changed slightly from the last time I posted about them...

My aunt and her family are coming down from Kent and we are all having a big family meal and spending the rest of the day and night with them over my nan's after initally opening presents and having our traditional bacon sandwich breakfast at mum's. Then on Boxing day I will be seeing the boyfriend and on 27th mum will be going off to Newcastle to visit my brother and his girlfriend without me and Cameron.

Basically, after a nightmare journey back from London on the coach a few weeks ago, I made the tough decision not to take Cameron on the eight hour each way journey as he would have been so uncomfortable and grumpy. I am upset not to be seeing my brother but have plans to spend the time with my boyfriend and Cameron, which is nice.

I have still not made any plans for New Years Eve yet- arghh! But am sure the whole Christmas will be great fun (as long as I get rid of this cold I have, again!!).

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