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Friday, 18 November 2011

Spending Christmas with My Family- An Insight

I know Christmas is still a few weeks away, but I also know how nosey some people (like me) can be and thought I would do a little blog post on what you could expect to happen if you were to spend Christmas with my family...

and yes, I do spend the majority of it tipsy, dolled up and spoilt (just to warn you)....

Christmas Eve:

For the last couple of Christmases I have been trying to arrange Christmas drinks with my brother/cousin/anyone who will come with me, but it has failed slightly and this year my brother will be spending Christmas in Newcastle, so this might not happen... boo!

Tipsy and silly Christmas 2009

Drinks- Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Day:

7am: Expect to be woken up around this time, maybe even earlier. Cameron? You ask.... Well.... sort of. Since I can remember I have had trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve from the excitement and I always end up awake at an unearthly hour. This works well for putting the Turkey in the oven, which has been my job most Christmases as mum can't cook... I usually attempt to wait for at least another hour or two before opening presents though...

Christmas Morning 2010 -Cameron's 1st Christmas

9am: I hope you're hungry, because in our house Christmas is full of eating opportunities, and we start with bacon rolls, or sometimes the full english (if I'm feeling extra greedy when we do the food shopping). We all sit down at the table for the meal, and there's also Bucks Fizz so I end up that little bit more excited by the time we sit down again for presents!

Bucks Fizz 2008

....and 2009

9:30am: Present time! This is by far one of the best bits of the day, though not for entirely selfish reasons as I also love to give presents. I try to get people what they would want, adding a personal touch and a few presents with in-jokes, so I love seeing them open their presents. It is also amazing now I have Cameron, and he is just that bit more aware about opening presents. I can't wait to see his little face when he opens his new toys and clothes.

Stocking Opening 2008

Present time 2009

And opening presents with Cameron 2010

11am: After presents have been open, and mum has gone round clearing up all the paper, and taken a million photos of us posing with gifts, I make sure the Turkey is cooking nicely, before getting all bundled up and going to the beach for a walk along the seafront. This is mainly to visit my grandad's bench (his grave is all the way over in Kent so we don't visit it much), but I love the walk anyway.

On my grandad's bench 2008

....and 2009
Midday: Back at the house, I check on the dinner and get on with some cooking. This usually goes on for an hour or two. I have help from others, or if I am not cooking for once I will spend my time playing with Cameron. Depending on what is on TV, or whether anyone has got a new DVD for Christmas, we might have a film on at this point. When my best friend Aimee is back, I see her for a bit and we exchange presents. She is very much like family at mine.

Me and Aimee Christmas day 2007



....and Aimee with Cameron Christmas Day 2010

2pm(approx): Another highlight for me is Christmas dinner (are you really shocked?). I absolutely love this part of the day. Everyone together round the table, and the food! Yum! We have Turkey, roast potatoes, veg, stuffing, pigs in blankets, gravy.... There's wine with dinner and I must admit, safe in the knowledge that my mum is around and doesn't drink at all so can be a responsible adult with Cameron, I do start getting a bit tipsy around now.

The Table!

Christmas Dinner 2008

Christmas Dinner 2009

Christmas Dinner 2010

3pm: I might be wrong, but the Queen's speech is on around now? If so, my nan will know and will have it on. I, as I say, am tipsy so usually make a silly joke about the Queen around now... My nan is not amused (haha).

The Queen's Speech, not appreciated by me...

3:30pm-evening: This is a general chilling out time. We watch Christmas TV or a film, play with presents etc. My nan gets just as tipsy as me which is always amusing.




7pm(ish)- Food is on the agenda again and we usually have turkey sandwiches and then loads of cakes, crisps and other such yummy things, and more wine... In the evening it's all about the Christmas TV and playing a game or two...

Christmas Tea 2009

Cluedo makes Christmas....

.... as did Singstar back in 2009

...and a glass of wine is always good....

11pm: Bedtime around now, depending on who is around and whether I have company to stay up later with. The wine has usually made me sleepy by now anyway...

Boxing Day: I used to miss this day as I would be working... Mum loves boxing day as she has her favourite meal: Turkey and chips! As I will be there this year I will be making the 'moist maker' made famous in Friends, a sandwich with an extra layer of gravy soaked bread, for those not in the know... We spend the day watching films, going for another walk along the beach and visiting friends or having them visit us.

Boxing Day by the Quay 2008

I hope you have enjoyed this insight into my crazy family's festive traditions. Feel free to leave your own in the comments as I love reading about what other people get up to! Watch out for a future blog post on our plans for this year, including the crazy long trip we are taking all the way up to Newcastle just after Christmas to visit my brother and his girlfriend!

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  1. love this!! As I read it, I could just imagine myself there with your family on Christmas day (not in a creepy way, haha!)



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