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Friday, 18 November 2011

Oh Baby, Baby

Today I have been looking back over old photographs (mainly for the purpose of writing my previous post). Whilst doing this, I couldn't help but notice my post pregnancy boobs. They went from a 34B before pregnancy to 34DD and then right back down to 34A now. I will not deny that I miss them, I loved having bigger boobs and actually having a clevage for once!

My Changing figure.... Pre Pregnacy

Heavily Pregnant (39 weeks)

3 months after giving birth, with a clevage!!

And just a couple of months ago, back to flat chested, but feeling great about my body

Chatting about it with other mummy friends via Facebook, I was given an angle I hadn't thought of before by a friend who's managed to hold onto her pregnancy boobs, and wishes they were smaller. Her view is that women with smaller boobs can get away with wearing so many more styles of tops, whilst she is stuck looking bigger than she is because she resorts to wearing floaty styles of tops a size too big for the rest of her body. It made me realise that in some ways I am fortunate to have smaller boobs, and that I should really be proud of my post-pregnancy figure.

I don't have a totally flat stomach, but I didn't before pregnancy anyway. I am a stone and a half lighter than before I was pregnant, a clothes size smaller, and looks loads better (if I do say so myself). Having a baby doesn't have to mean the end for your body. When I was pregnant, I was threatened by the girlfriend of an ex. During our argument I must admit, I took a low blow and mentioned her size (pretty considerable). She retorted that she'd like to see how slim I was once I had my baby (blaming her size on having had a baby). This stuck with me and gave me the motivation to lose the baby weight, and then some to prove her wrong and feel good about myself.

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  1. You looked stunning while pregnant!! :) did you put yourself on a heavy strict diet? I am losing weight slowly and my boobs are thankfully staying the same size.. You can always get in plants though :) But your gorgeous so don't get down on not having them, you have better legs than me!! haha xx


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