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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Overview of November

This month is a busy one for me. I have a lot of family events coming up and a couple of birthdays of people very close to me so I have lots to look forward to. Here's what's on my calendar this month so far:

9th November:

My graduation is something I have been looking forward to/dreading ever since I got my results and knew for definite that I had passed my four year degree. Despite the fact that I barely even speak to most of the people on my course any more, I am looking forward to it because I really didn't think I was going to make it to graduation. I had Cameron just two weeks before I started back at Uni for my fourth year and I wanted to leave so many times over the year. To have finished my degree at all was an achievement in itself, to do it with a respectable 2:1 degree was great for me! My mum and my dad will be in the audience, along with Cameron.

11th November:

I have been invited to attend my best friend Sealy's graduation and in the evening I am having a family meal to celebrate my own graduation. I can't wait, love being the centre of attention (heehee)!

14th November:

My mum turns 49 and we will be celebrating on the day as well as having a meal later on in the week with family.

16th November:

Sealy's 22nd birthday!

22nd November:

I am unsure whether I will be going, but I was invited to a blogging event up North. It is a long journey with Cameron in tow and I haven't heard back from the organisers since responding to their email, so it won't break my heart if I don't attend.

25th November:

Me and Katie on a 'night out' when I was 8 months pregnant

My friend Katie, who I met online a couple of years ago, is coming down for the weekend and I am very excited as I haven't seen her in months and have missed talking to her as much as I used to of late. Definitely cause for a couple of glasses of wine and plenty of junk food!

Then the first weekend of December I am going to be booking a weekend away in London to go to the Winter Wonderland, do some sightseeing and just have a bit of a break. Can't wait!

Do you have any exciting plans for November?

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