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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Current Wishlist

Ok, so I know it isn't Wednesday... but I wanted to do a wishlist post today as I am currently sat very bored inside. It is raining where I am, and I want to be shopping, but a combination of my car currently being in a garage, and said car costing me £240 when I go to pick it up means that I actually can't afford to go shopping, even a little bit!

So instead, here are the things that I would be buying if I only had those all important pennies (and pounds)...

Cream Chunky Knit Cardigan
H & M
 I love this cardigan and every time I have gone in H&M lately (which is a lot!), I have debated buying it... I will have to one day! Looks so comfy!

Striped Top/Dress
 This says it is a dress but looks pretty short! I would probably wear it over leather look leggings, like the model.
Black Lace Bodycon Dress
 This dress would be perfect for the meals I have coming up. I really want to own something with lace as I have tried some things on and think the trend suits me!

Mesh Strapless Dress with Pearlised Trim
  This dress is gorgeous and would be great for over Christmas to wear out. I actually put it in my basket then remembered my money situation, damn it!
9 ct Gold Amethyst and Cubic Zirconia Ring
H Samuel
 I lost a stone from my favourite ring the other day and need a replacement. I have been looking for one that my nan could buy me for Christmas but this is a bit out of price range! I love Amethyst stones though so this is definitely the style I will be looking for!
Chinese Laundry Ruffle Front Shoes
New Look
Love these shoes! I don't know when I would wear them (to a wedding maybe?!), but they are so gorgeous I had to include them!

What is on your wishlist at the moment?


  1. WOW those shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! xxxx

  2. Great items on your wishlist!! Loving the ASOS strapless dress!



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