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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Buy a Smoothie... get a free... Wooly hat?!

Can anyone please explain the purpose of the mini wooly hat that you get free with Innocent Smoothies at the moment? I bought one yesterday and got very confused by its purpose.

My brother 'the hand model' haha

As far as I can see it could only fit one (very rude) thing... And what would be the point in that?


  1. Haha, how random!!
    But was the smoothie nice?

  2. lol i havent seen these and i agree, i dont see the point. someone actually came up with the idea and people agreed it was good! hmmmm odd

  3. hey doll! these have been going a few years at window time, there is a donation to a charity with every smoothie bought with a hat on it (oap charity i think) the hats themselves have no purpose lol!

    shel xx

  4. Don't you remember Rachel telling us that story about Kip and the woolly hat? It's the only thing I can think of when I see them now!
    Flik x

  5. Smoothie was yummy!!! :D Ohhhh ok Shel, makes more sense now! And yes, now I remember Flik! xx


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