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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bonfire Night Antics

Last night was Cameron's second bonfire night. For his first one we watched my mum's neighbours firework display which he was not frightened by (surprising as he was only around 6 weeks old at the time).

This year I was going to take him to a proper display but I decided against it at the last minute and just got some sparklers for us to have in the garden.

I am glad I didn't go to a display as he was less than impressed even with just the sparklers. He cried pretty much the entire time we had them, and I now have a packet leftover as a result! Next year maybe he will like fireworks enough to go to a proper display...

After Cameron was in bed me and my friend Sealy had a lazy night in watching Beetlejuice and Bridget Jones 2 in bed with pizza, crisps and chocolate. Perfect!

What did you all get up to for Bonfire night? Did you go to a display?

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