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Friday, 18 November 2011

All About the Comfort

As it gets colder outside, and also due to having pretty bad tummy cramps this week (damn being a girl!), I have taken to dressing a lot more casual than usual. In fact, last night I went round my boyfriend's flat and it was the first time I hadn't made so much of an effort.

Didn't take a photo but this is like what I was wearing

I wore baggy jeans, a vest top and a pale grey hoody, and the surprise was that he thought I looked cute in the outfit! I thought I looked like a 12 year old boy personally, but it was comfy, and that's more important than being a sex goddess sometimes (especially in winter).


  1. During the winter I always abandon sexy for comfy!!
    My look for winter is, jammies, fluffy socks and a duvet ~ Very sexy!!

  2. I've had tummy cramps today too :( I love the hoody though looks gorgeous!!! xx


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