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Thursday, 3 November 2011

30 Day Beauty Blog Challenge: Day 22 — Your beauty tips for a big night out

As a mum, I don't often go on big nights out. When I get a night away from Cameron I am more likely to be found in front of a film or pampering myself than drinking in a bar. However, it means that when I do get out, I like to make that extra effort, especially when it comes to beauty and makeup.

In the morning or the night before I will wash my hair using a deep treatment shampoo, exfoliate and shave. About two hours before I am due to leave I will have a quick shower again (mainly to wash off anything Cameron has managed to smear on me!) and then moisturise all over and fake tan. I use St Moriz as I absolutely love it and it is so so cheap!

I get dressed, often in a short dress as my legs are my best part (my boobs are tiny!).

 My favourite going out dress is bright pink and one shouldered, that I won off of Rachel's blog competition.

After I am dressed I will apply my makeup. For a night out I usually up the ante a bit and go for smokey eyes and false eyelashes. I apply all of my makeup first and then add the false lashes, before adding more mascara and eye makeup to cover up the joins!

Finally, I will spritz myself in lots of perfume and a glimmer spray such as Soap and Glory's Easy Glistening Dry Body Oil. It gives my legs a sexy sheen.

Just before I leave I will add my sky high heels and a final slick of lip gloss and I am good to go!

1 comment:

  1. You are so gorgeous dear!! And your son is adorable:D
    Thank u for the tip of the glimmer spray i didn't know soap and glory had one! I'll look at it for sure since i also like to use it when i go out at night:p


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