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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

2011/2012 Challenge: Day 8: Things you hope for in 2012.

The main thing I desperately want for 2012 is to get a job and actually make a start with my career.... but the more I talk to people about my options, the less likely this seems! As a single mum, I am stuck due to sky high childcare costs, a lack of jobs and all the rent and bills to pay alone. Things are looking bleak. I had hoped to have everything sorted for when my tenancy ends in mid February, but this is unlikely, and I guess I may have to face up to the fact that this ridiculous government has made it impossible for me not to 'sponge off taxpayers', and stay on benefits for the time being at least.

Other things I hope for in 2012 are of course health and happiness for myself and my family.

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