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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

2011/2012 Challenge: Day 3: A person who has impacted your life in some way this year.

I warn you right now that this post is bordering on soppy.... Yes, me, the biggest pessimist ever, being soppy and ever so slightly emotional. However, the person I would say has had an impact on my life this year would be my boyfriend....

Basically, having been single for 18 months, I had started becoming quite anti-men and this in turn was making me quite bitter and hard as a person. People always say you will find someone when you least expect it, when you have stopped looking, And in my case, this was true. Although I had been on the dating site I met him on for pretty much the entire 18 months, I was on and off it and usually only went on it every month or so to check out who had emailed me. I went on it by chance and saw his email, emailed him back and we started speaking and found out we lived only three roads apart.

He had to wait a couple of weeks to take me on a date because I had been ill with the flu but when we did meet I was instantly attracted to him and within just a couple of weeks, I felt like I had known him for ages. Things have just been so relaxed and easy. He met Cameron early on and is amazing with him. He helped him (finally) learn to walk, by having the patience I had lost, to help him walk around until he grew the confidence to go it alone.

We have been together six weeks now and I am really glad I met him as, like I say, I was getting to be very bitter. Since being with him, I have become so much more relaxed, happy and positive about everything. I smile so much more. This is why I am naming him as someone who has impacted my life in 2011 (you may now go and puke... haha).


  1. This is beyond lovely! You make a gorgeous looking couple! :) And I bet Cameron loves having a new best friend to cause havoc with!

    Very happy for you Miss! Xx

  2. I have to say that I am so happy for you hun I really am and I hope that things continue to go the way they are for you :)

    You are such a gorgeous couple :) xxx

  3. I agree with Kathy and Rachel, you two make the cutest couple ever :)
    and you look really happy with him.

    I bet he's brilliant with cameron,


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