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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Spooky Style- Top Ten Halloween Outfits

I am not going out for Halloween this year, so I have no need to get all dressed up, however, I love all the costume ideas available to us girls and have put together a little list of my favourites for those of you getting dressed up. I have also added how I would DIY each outfit for a cheaper alternative to these shop bought ideas!

1. Cat- a classic. Black corset, hot pants, a pair of cat ears and a tail and you're good to go

2. Sexy Witch- the same basics as the cat, but this time with a black hat and suggestively placed broom...

3. Devil Woman - easy to do with a red corset, red hotpants or skirt, devil horns and a pitchfork

4. Ghostbusters- go for beige clothing and black boots, a ghostbusters badge or writing on your chest

5. Great for a couple- Heaven and Hell barbies- one in red, one in  white, with appropriate accessories and sky high heels

6. Burlesque Babe- fishnets, corset, black satin gloves, heels and a period style hairpiece make this outfit

7. Zombie Bride- a little more authentic for an outfit, go for a white dress, dirty it up, add some rips and white fishnets, white heels and a veil, then go for some zombie style makeup to complete the look

8. Vampire Vixen- tight black dress, black and red cape, red or black boots and those all important fangs and done!

9. Naughty Nun- long sleeved black dress, but it must be short! A black headpiece and white collar, white or black fishnets and heels, and a look like butter wouldn't melt on your face
10. Tinkerhell- excuse the bad photo, think classic tinkerbell- little green dress, wings etc, zombiefied up!

What are you going as for Halloween?


  1. I love the Tinkerhell idea. So clever :)

  2. Ooooh wow I love how you have made these outfits so simple to recreate. Although, I don't go out on Halloween they are always good for other nights and parties to dress up as.
    Great post :) xx


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