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Monday, 24 October 2011

Girls- Our Own Worst Enemy

Late last night as I was just getting ready to go to sleep I saw that the stars of TOWIE were all sending their love and best wishes to Sam and Billie, sisters on the show, via Twitter. I was confused but soon a message appeared with a link to the story, the sisters had both been attacked on a night out by a gang of girls.

Sam and Billie on their night out...

Reading further into it this morning I discovered that Billie had her designer handbag, which contained her phone, stolen. When her and Sam had complained about the girls that stole the bag to the bouncers, they had been kicked out of the club which angered them. When Billie left the club she was attacked. The girls managed to get away and went home, but later Sam was called by the girls who had stolen the bag, on Billie's phone, and was told to meet them in a field to get the items back.

Billie during the attacks, caught on camera phone

Sam reportedly took a friend and went to meet them, probably a pretty stupid move anyway, but when they arrived they were attacked by a gang of ten girls. Sam was then beaten so badly that she was said to have been 'left for dead', and had to have a brain scan when she arrived at hospital. This horrific attack is sadly not that uncommon, but the high profile of the TV stars meant that it was highlighted more than a usual case would have been.

The attack made front line news of the tabloids today

What is appalling is that these girls felt the need to attack other girls. What happened to girls sticking together? A lot of the stars of the show have taken to Twitter to write their best wishes, and the majority have mentioned jealousy as a motive, hence the fact that the bag was stolen at first. Jealousy is not an excuse for mindless violence! I would love the lifestyles of some of the girls on the show, but I would never go up to them in a club, steal their bag, and then proceed to beat them up because of this! I am disgusted that women can be capable of this thuggish behaviour. Having just had my phone stolen on a night out in town I can relate to that part of the ordeal, and know that if I had seen the girl who stole my phone I would have probably ended up in some sort of a fight, so in a way I am lucky she was so cowardly as to steal it when my back was turned.

It is not just physical violence between girls that has been making the news lately though, on this weekend's X Factor, Tulisa took the backstage bullying between Mischa B and other contestants to the spotlight, mentioning that Mischa's attitude and actions towards others should be taken into account by viewers of the show. I think Tulisa was wrong to say this on the live show, with Mischa unable to even defend herself, and this in itself could be construed as bullying, however, I do think it is disgusting that Mischa has been so nasty to fellow contestants. She has also reportedly been going around saying she is the clear winner, and, having been following her on Twitter, I have seen how big headed she has already become, with an army of impressionable tweens following her every move, and every word. I think the X Factor should take action against bullies and Mischa should no longer be allowed on the show.

The Judges argue during Tulisa's 'attack' on Mischa B

Bully... Mischa B
Girl on girl violence, whether physical or mental, is not acceptable and I hope both the girls responsible for the attacks on Sam and Billie, and Mischa B are given the appropriate punishment for their crimes.


  1. It really is disgusting! Teen's are the worst. They take things too far! I hope that group of girl's gets what's coming to them!

  2. It is so sad what has happened to the girls!

    I find it terrible to think that us girls don't stick together anymore, bring back girl power (Spice Girls hehe), yet others find the urge to behave like this!



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