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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Saturday Summary

I haven't been blogging as much over the last few days as I have been pretty busy.

I am having a huge rethink of my career at the moment and am still very unsure of what I want to do. There is now a third idea in my mind so some big decisions need to be made soon!

 As well as this I have been out on a few dates in the last couple of weeks, which has been really nice, and as a result I lost my casino virginity last night (though I just watched, and didn't understand at all!).

My Facebook page for the blog reached 60 fans in the week and I held a small giveaway for a nail varnish set. If you are not yet a fan, you can become one here. I will be holding some festive giveaways on the blog itself over the next couple of months, so look out for them.

I have also been working alongside dating site Singles Warehouse, writing guest blogs for them weekly on a Tuesday, and also creating a series of 'Vlogs', the latest of which can be found here. I have really enjoyed writing about internet dating and my experiences of dating as a 'yummy mummy'.

I hope everyone is well! Tonight will be spent with my homemade chocolate brownies and the X Factor on tv.

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