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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday Summary (in place of Friday Feelings!) 1st October

I have not blogged properly for a few days as I have, for once, been a bit of a social butterfly and have spent some time with a couple of lovely friends of mine the past two evenings.

Me and my old friend Sam last night messing around with an app on my phone!
I have also been out a lot due to the unseasonably hot weather we have been having! It has been so hot today that I was too hot sitting wearing a tiny sundress!! Crazy weather considering it is now October! I had put all of my summer wardrobe away and stocked up on jumpers and jeans!

Today was spent sunbathing and having a lovely picnic in a local park and tonight is going to be a nice relaxing evening with a curry, some chocolate, the X-Factor, and watching No Strings Attached, which I bought today (it has my girl crush Natalie Portman in it so I have high expectations!).

I have also developed a worrying obsession to the awful Cher Lloyd's song Swagger Jagger in the past few days as it is played during my exercise class and as a result now gives me happy endorphines when I hear it, nooooo!! I even went as far as downloading it in iTunes to my phone... *hangs head in shame*

Tomorrow I am planning on cooking a homemade pie for my family as my nan, who usually cooks the family Sunday lunch, is away in London this weekend to celebrate her birthday, which was last weekend, with my aunt, and go to see a show. I am totally looking forward to it as I love pie! I am also going to attempt to bake something delicious from my baking recipe book, this time it has to be chocolatey though!

What have you been up to this sunny weekend? Are you an X-Factor fan? Which category are you betting on winning?

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