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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Cuddles with Cameron 1st October

Hi everyone!

It is so hot!! I have been back in my shorts because jeans are just too warm right now! Today I went to the park with mummy, my Godfather Aaron, and my nanny. We had some yummy food, and then I spent a lot of time walking around with the pram, which I love to do.

I think mummy is getting fed up that I won't spend more time walking on my own, without holding onto anything, but for now I will just carry on as it's lots of fun!

I have also been speaking more than ever, but mummy and the others still don't seem to understand half of what I'm saying.. So a lot of the time I say mum, nan, Arran, Dan Dan or hello as they know what those words mean!

I had my jabs done the other day and it was awful! I did cry a bit, but mummy said I was a brave boy, so I must have not been as upset as she thought I would be!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun? Mummy says it shouldn't be this hot, don't know why though....

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