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Sunday, 16 October 2011

I'm Poorly....again!!

So I told you all about my weekend plans in Brighton... well, in the end it turned out to be a bit of a disaster when I ended up getting very ill on Friday evening.

I had been feeling a bit unwell since I arrived, with a sore throat and a bit achey, but it wasn't until we arrived back at the hotel that evening that I was shivering and feeling absolutely awful. I got straight into bed and then spent the night tossing and turning, hallucinating with a fever. I ended up stripping all my clothes off but kept going from hot to cold, and I was sweating loads as well. It was an awful night.

In the morning my throat was in agony, I couldn't swallow without a huge amount of pain, and I still felt absolutely awful, achey and weak. My mum got me an appointment at a local doctors surgery and, after having our breakfast at lightening speed, we went to find out what was wrong with me.

Turns out I have severe tonsilitis and I was given strong antibiotics to get rid of it. I have taken 3 tablets so far and am feeling a little better. I am so fed up that it totally ruined my weekend away though. I did still have a good time on the Friday, but Saturday was mostly spent lying in a park in the sun. We did go for lunch with my friend Aimee though, and I met my friend Louise briefly, though as she is pregnant, I didn't want to stay for too long in case I gave her my germs.

The car journey back was a bit of a blur as I slept most of it. We got home a lot earlier than I originally planned, but it turned out ok as I watched the X Factor before getting an early night. I am hoping that I get over this pretty soon as I have only just got better from the flu. My immune system is obviously pretty weak at the moment. Any tips for building it up again would be most appreciated!

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