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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Product Review: Transformulas Mid-Life Marine Miracle Creme

Way back in June I won a competition through More Magazine when they held their 100 prizes worth £100. I won £100 worth of Transformulas products. Having never heard of the brand before, I went on their page on Facebook and instantly realised I wouldn't be getting much for my prize as the prices are sky high! The brand tagline is beauty without surgery and they cover all areas such as lips, teeth, skin and weight loss aids.

I had a majorly long wait for my prize (as did most of the other comp winners, it was very badly managed!), but finally received the package through the post the other day. Inside were three products (see, told you it's expensive). I got a face cream (which I am reviewing in this post), a teeth whitening pen and a lip plumping gloss (which I will review in later posts).

When I first opened the face cream I said to my mum that I would give it to her as I do not have mature skin. But then I read the (very detailed) instructions on the box and saw that it can act as a preventive measure for those with younger skin, so I opted to share it with my mum instead. I thought this would allow a fairer review as well to have someone with older skin the creme is marketed for.

This is what the packaging says:

'Apply Mid Life Marine Miracle Creme morning and evening to freshly cleansed skin by massaging into the skin... for skin aged preservation, prevention and repair....nature gave you the face that you had at twenty, but you have to earn the face that you will have at fifty'.....

The handy information leaflet also included with the creme states:

'This critically acclaimed anti-ageing cream uses a rich marine cocktail and Lysedine to heal and transform the complexion. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. Skin firmness and elasticity are increased. Plus, rejuvenating nutrients help strengthen cell structure, reuslting in younger, healthier looking skin'.

The packaging is great, it is to the point with an image of a woman's face, along with the company logo of a syringe and as mentioned before, a huge amount of info which is great as I knew exactly what the product was, what it claimed to be able to achieve, and what was in it as well. The creme itself is in an amazing container. It is very posh looking with gold trim and I was so in love with how it opens, by twisting the top for the dispensing lid to be exposed! The creme comes out nice and slowly and a little goes a long, long way.

The product feels so nice and cool on your skin (though I would hope so at the retail price!), and I instantly felt refreshed. The creme is not oily or greasy, and it is very light to touch. I didn't feel it was clogging my skin at all and it dissolved very quickly. I love the product!

My mum has used this a few times now and has yet to see any obvious changes in her skin condition, though she does agree that it feels nice and soft, and that, unlike many anti-ageing creams, it isn't oily on your skin. We are both fans, though I would not spend the money it costs for it. Maybe I'm just tight though...

Have you ever heard of Transformulas before? Will you be taking a look at the company now?

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