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Friday, 9 September 2011

Attack of the Yummy Mummies....

So yesterday I went to my first (and indeed last) Mums and Babies group at the centre nearest to my new flat. I had gone to a group before when I was at my old place but had stopped going once I was focussing on my dissertation, and then never went back. That group had been a 'Young Mums' group, though a lot of the women there were actually older mums who had just stayed on for years.

This new group was aimed at mums of under 2s, so I went in with high hopes that we would have lots in common. Boy was I wrong! Not one woman made an effort to welcome me into the group the entire two hours I was there. Nobody even spoke to Cameron. The organiser didn't even bother saying hello to me, despite the obvious fact that I was new and didn't know anyone.

What a joke!

I had an awful time. Luckily Cameron was alright as he was playing with all the toys and having a great time in his little bubble. I couldn't wait to get out of there and won't be going back.

The mums were all grouped together and there was this one group of women who looked like clones, all bootleg faded jeans, tight jumpers and long platinum blonde hair.

They were also ALL married, ALL at least 6 years older than me, and ALL extremely unfriendly. I am not sure whether it was the fact that I was younger that made them so unwelcoming. But what I do know is I have never been made to feel so low in my life, and I was instructed to go to these groups by my doctor as I am suffering from PND! I am pretty disgusted by it to be honest. I have friends who are older than me with kids, and do not look down on me as a younger mum. There is no excuse for this school playground behaviour.

I have been told to start up my own group aimed at younger mums in this area by a lot of people on Facebook after having dicussed yesterday's events. I am looking into trying to arrange a big meetup which could hopefully become regular.

Meanwhile, I always say that when people doubt me I am stronger, and this is no different. I may have PND, but I am going to get better, with or without the 'Yummy Mummy' brigade....


  1. Thats awful!!! I was thinking of going to a class near me but I'm not so sire now. I'd deffo come to your group if I lived nearby xxx

  2. Oh no I've only just read this, that's awful! I'm so sorry they treated you like that :( Can you go back to the young mums group at the other Sure Start centre? xxx


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