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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Product Review: Transformulas Lip Volume

As you may remember, a while ago I posted a review of the Transformulas Creme. I have only just gotten around to writing the second review from the prize I won from Transformulas. This product is called:

Lip Volume

As you would expect, the product claims to 'increase your lip size without needles' and the packaging states that the product is 'scientifically proven to increase volume, definitition, hydration and condition without the sting'.

The packaging is similar to the creme's in the fact that it is nice and simple but with lots of information on ingredients and directions on how to use on the back. I was very confident of using the product as it told me so much about it before I had even opened it.

The product comes in a very sleek and stylish silver wand, and the applicator is nice and curved, so that you can apply the gloss in one sweep. I have used it twice a day for a couple of weeks and definitely feel that the product does slightly plump your lips, though I am not sure whether it is a long term effect or just a temporary fix whilst the gloss is on. Either way, the gloss is non-sticky, doesn't have a chemical taste, and as advertised, it doesn't sting like some other brands do (although personally I like this slight sting as to me it confirms it is working!).

The gloss is clear and so can be worn over a lipstick if you wish. I think it is a nice product, but definitely not one I would be purchasing as it is so expensive. I will be sticking to good old Soap and Glory (Sexy Mother Pucker) for my lip plumping needs in the future.


4/5 Stars
A great product, but not worth the hefty price tag, there are cheaper alternatives out there that are better.

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