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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Looking Forward To: My Plans for the Next Couple of Months

I was totally planning on doing this as an Autumn plans post back at the start of the month, but never got round to it... I have quite an exciting couple of months coming up.

Mid October:

I am going to Brighton a mini break for the weekend to visit my best friend Aimee and her boyfriend, who have just moved up there from Cornwall! I am also going to hopefully be meeting an online friend, Louise, who is heavily pregnant, as I am giving her some of Cameron's baby clothes!

29th October:

This is my cousin Aaron's 20th birthday. I am not sure yet what his plans are, but if he is in Bournemouth for it no doubt there will be a meal at some point, and me, Aaron and wine makes for an entertaining meal!

End of October:

My brother and his girlfriend, who currently live in Newcastle, are going to be in London for the weekend and my mum and I would love to see them for a bit whilst they are there as we don't see much of them because of the distance! I think we might be going to visit my dad in Essex around this time as well, so lots of catching up and family times.

November 9th:

This is a very exciting date as it is the day I graduate! I was still unsure up until last week whether I would be passing my degree, as I was awaiting the results of my dissertation. I found out that I had indeed passed, with a 2:2, so that means I will be graduating, alongside the rest of my course! I feel very proud of myself for managing to finish my final year, with a newborn baby, and will be so pleased to stand up and accept my degree after such a long and intense year!

Mid November:

I can't tell you one of the reasons that this month will be extra exciting just yet, but it is going to be amazing! On top of that, it is one of my best friend Sealy's birthday on 16th, and my mum's on 14th, so lots of celebrations and fun times to be had.

End of November/Beginning of December:

I love this time of year in general as it is when I do my Christmas shopping! I am not one for leaving it until the last minute and getting all stressed out and squashed by the crowds! Instead I make sure pretty much everything is bought and ready for wrapping by early December, and then I will just get a few extra bits and then wrap the presents towards the end of the month so I still have something to look forward to. I am a big kid and I absolutely LOVE Christmas so this is something I am majorly looking forward to! 94 sleeps to go!! (I have an app, I am not a complete loser to sit and work that out myself!)

Do you have any exciting plans for the next couple of months? Are you excited about Christmas? Or does the mere thought of that time of year fill you with dread?

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  1. Sounds like you have lots to look forward to hun :) xxx


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