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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Mummy Product Review: Britax Stage 1-2-3 Car Seat

Ok, I don't often do reviews on baby products as I find them a bit uninteresting to those who don't have kids themselves... However, there are some mums out there who follow my blog, and I actually read a blog from a mum on this car seat before I decided to purchase it, so you never know, it might actually be of use to someone!

First of all, let me just say that buying a car seat that will take you from stage 1, to 2, to 3 is the best idea, ever! Saves so much money, and is so much better for the environment as well!! Secondly, this car seat was £50 in Halfords, so I got a bargain! Bonus!

I liked this seat as it looked nice and simple, plain but stylish, and from a well known and trusted brand (my mum said that Britax was always considered the best car seat brand back when I was a kid). I also saw positive review after positive review online, with the only negative people were coming up with to be that installation was a bit fiddly. As I bought it from Halfords, who offer a free car seat fitting service with all car seats purchased from them, I wasn't too bothered about this. I was, however, worried that the car seat might not fit in my teeny tiny car (I have a Ford KA, and they are tiny!). However, I did a search online and the handy Britax website showed me that, although it might be a bit of a squeeze, the car seat would fit in my car. So I reserved it and went to collect it.

The guy who helped fit it was great. I was a little concerned when he first got it out of the box as it looks massive, really wide, when out of the car. I had nothing to worry about though, as it actually fits in a lot easier than Cameron's previous stage 0 Gracco Seat he is just growing out of. The guy from Halfords didn't just fix the seat in for me, he demonstrated it, and then got me to do it as well, which was a little daunting, but also great as it means I now know how to do it properly myself. When it came to putting Cameron into his new seat I was a bit worried he would hate it, or miss his old seat, but he loved it! He is so happy to be facing forward and being able to see everything. I am really pleased!

I think this car seat is totally worth the £89 I spent on it today (my dad actually bought it in effect as he gave me a cheque for Cameron for his birthday). I might be getting another car seat from the Asda baby event to go in my mum's car to avoid all the changing around between cars. This one will last him right up until he is 12 though, as it adapts and changes through the stages.

So far I would definitely recommend this car seat to any mum looking at buying a stage 1-2-3 car seat for their child. It is definitely not hard to fit, it is really nice material, comfy straps which are easy to adjust and unlike some reviews have said, Cameron has fallen asleep twice so far in the seat and his head stayed still, no slumping or flopping around at all. A great seat, and definitely worth getting whilst it is still down in price!


5/5 definitely worth the money. It will last 11 years so that is less than £10 a year! I am already in love with this seat! Would recommend to anyone!


  1. I awarded you darling! ♥ x


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