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Sunday, 4 September 2011

I absoloutely LOVE this woman!

I think I have mentioned this before.... but I am in love with Adele!!

She is so amazing and beautiful in a totally unconventional way and this was just totally confirmed again with her interview with Jonathon Ross tonight.

I also love Jonathon Ross' interview style and am pleased he is back on tv.. Adele is so down to earth and such an amazing singer. All of her songs manage to strike a chord with me and Someone Like You never fails to reduce me to tears. Just simply love her!


  1. she is an awesome woman and reminds every girl out there that there isnt a "prototype" where we all have to be the same i love her! xx

  2. i love her too! she's the ONLY singer who can make me cry. and her filthy laugh is awesome :) <3


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